FAQ Page

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding marketing and Eilert Communications.

If you would like further explanation or to ask additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (502) 749-5904.

1. First things first… what is marketing?

Marketing is the process of creating products and services to meet customer needs, and getting them to market in the most effective manner. Marketing touches on every part of the process – from product creation to pricing, distribution, packaging, publicizing and promotion.

*If you would like to explore what differences exist between marketing and advertising, click here.

2. Why do I need marketing?

Marketing helps you streamline product/service offerings to match the needs of your customers – and to get the word out to them. Without it, sales and visibility will not be maximized.

3. How do I use marketing/PR to grow my business?

Marketing and PR will make your company and products visible  to the people who will buy them. By communicating your value and products correctly – and targeting the communications to appear where buyers pay attention – you can get the maximum exposure for the minimum investment.

3. How do I determine what to do?

You know your brand, and the competitive terrain very well. We know how to research the marketplace and identify opportunities. We combine your knowledge and expertise with our marketing skills to craft the most effective plans for getting the results you want. Eilert Communications has a vast library of the latest research in market trends and behavior analysis. New technology innovations, demographic trends, economic indicators and psychographics profiles all contribute to the the vast knowledge based we tap into for crafting the ideal strategy.

4. Why choose Eilert Communications?

Simple: experience and results. We know how to research the marketplace and identify opportunities, and have done it on brand after brand. Our team has a broad experience base from leading consumer brands like Capri Sun and Ocean Spray to international tele-health organizations like HealthSpan International and start-ups like TechRepublic. We’ve been there, in the trenches, building brands that work. That experience has taught us a great deal about buyer behavior. The key to a successful brand is understanding the people behind every purchase decision – we do.
Now our skills are available to you.