“Eilert Communications enabled us to discover the power of creative marketing. We have seen growth that could never have been achieved through traditional advertising.”

– Paul Shoemaker, President
American Hospital Directory

“Barbara has supplied marketing and business strategy for us and our clients on several occasions. Each time I’m absolutely blown away by what she comes up with and the value she brings to the table.”

-Taylor Trusty, Owner, Blackstone Media Network, LLC

“The Art of Exchange Workshop provided me with the practical, ready-to-use techniques to overcome my hesitation around leading group presentations or speaking with senior management teams. The workshop presented me with the forum to practice the exercises and begin to incorporate them into my professional responsibilities.”

– Matthew Osborn, Marketing & Technology Analyst

“My presentation went beautifully. The editor of a national magazine wants to know where I received my training.”

– Emily Kirkpatrick, Vice president
National Center for Family Literacy

“We would like to thank you for speaking at our NELBA meeting last week. It was really great, fun & informative! We learned a lot and enjoyed the improv!”

– Program Committee, North East Business Association (NELBA)

“I want to thank you for the wonderful media kit you have created for PGH. I have appreciated your able guidance through the entire process. Please let me be a reference for you to anyone that you may be proposing to.”

– Bob Fincher, Publisher