5 reasons to use a marketing pro for your Web site

Small business owners often tap their children, students and friends to build Web sites. After all, it’s either free or very cheap, and helps out a relative, student starting out or  a friend. Others use a Web design shop, who’s sole business is Web design. (As opposed to marketing.)

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Why advertising is not marketing

“Oh, you’re in advertising”

How many times have people said that when they ask what I do, and I respond “Marketing.”

The truth is, many people, including some clients, view marketing as advertising. Continue reading »

Job seekers learn about LinkedIn

Last week I gave a talk about networking for job seekers. About twenty people showed up, ranging in age from 20’s through late 50’s (guessing). We were there to talk about local networking, but soon covered networking opportunities on the Web. Continue reading »

New Year, new plans

Happy 2009! By all of the media accounts, it looks like a challenging year is in store. But challenges usually present great opportunities. Many people made money during the depression, and in  the various recessions since. Continue reading »