The amazing Amazon Kindle! What can I say? It’s lightweight, remembers your place and downloads in seconds. I love mine so much, I decided to offer them on Barb’s marketing notes. I make a little on each one, it helps pay for the blog. : ) And the new Kindle Fire is on fire! Color and more – very cool.





Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Game and life changer. No doubt one of the most influential books in print. We like it so much around our office that some people on the team require clients to read it! You will not be disappointed. At least, we weren’t!







The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo


Few things affect success more than communication and effective presentations. Steve Jobs took the standard to an entirely new level, as anyone who’s watched one of his product introductions will attest. Carmine Gallo gives us all the insights “behind the scenes” for how Jobs did it. From creating “Twitter worthy headlines” to rehearsals, story telling basics and demonstrations. This book will de-mystify the process and help anyone willing to apply the lessons.





slide:ology by Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte wrote this fantastic reference book with very specific “how to’s” on creating compelling presentations. We like it so much, there are two copies in our reference library. Both have post-its all over them.





Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Anything by Malcolm Gladwell makes its way to my bookshelf. Always excellent insights. This one held my attention like glue – reading it straight through in one sitting.







The next five years can be the most exciting and satisfying years of your life—or just another five years. Let this extraordinary book be your guide and inspiration. Whether you are just graduating from college, newly married, considering a new career, setting goals for retirement, or just looking to inspire a friend, employee or family member, here’s the most inspiring and compelling gift you can find.






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