How to Grab Media Attention

Find the best media type: who do you want to reach and why?How to Grab Media Attention
What do they read or listen to? Think traditional (newspapers, TV, and radio) – and also new media (blogs, e-zines, free-zines)

Tip: find blogs at:

Have a story: one that their readers/viewers would be interested in. Look at back issues and stories previously run to see the stories they like. Some blogs and publications even have a section to tell you!

Tip: blatant self promotion is NOT a story. Match the story angle to the media. A business publication will have a different tone than a women’s magazine.

Make it easy: have a press release, backgrounder, images, people to interview

Tip: Try to avoid pitching on deadline days.

About that press release…: single page, please! Most local reporters refer to a press release. Email it as a PDF.

Follow up!: if you email, follow-up with a phone call. Spam filters can hijack your mail.

Event?: invite the reporters. Have special check-ins, and a quick guide if there are restrictions (e.g. photography limitations during a performance)

-Published June 12th, 2012

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