Why Stories Sell More Fruit

Everybody loves a story. Stories help us understand and identify with situations and people.

Think of all of the commercials you’ve seen recently, and which ones you remember. Chances are, the memorable ones involve a story of some type. Humorous, dramatic, or a simple vignette with a happy ending – it doesn’t matter. A story is easier to relate to and remember than a sheet of facts any day.

Using stories in advertising – known as the “slice of life” approach – is a time-tested and proven way to move more product. Think about the car commercial where the dad sends his daughter off to drive for the first time. It is a story that mirrors our own lives and we can identity with it.

Tips for creating a good story:
Have a good beginning, middle and end
Seek to tell a story that your customer can relate to
“Show, don’t tell” – think action instead of narration

Bonus tip: Add an unexpected ending if you can – the surprise catches people off guard & increases their ability to recall it.

Happy selling!

-Published October 18th, 2011

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