Brainstorm new ideas without conflict!

Ever been in a meeting where new ideas die fast from conflict? Here’s a great way to get everyone on board: we call it “yes and”. This improv game can get the creative juices flowing for every meeting – and even diffuse some buyer resistance in a sales call!

Here’s how: require every participant to build on to the previous idea by beginning their next sentence with “Yes! And…..”

For example:

Bob: “I’d like to see the Texas sales area offer more new services to our customers.”

Susan: “Yes, and we can offer them as an additional sale.”

Buck: “Yes, and our inside sales team can use the offering as a reason to contact  existing customers, and keep us “top of mind”.”

Using “Yes, and” leads to some great ideas by establishing a positive (and safe) environment for you and your team to explore new ideas.

-Published October 11th, 2011

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