How to craft a killer 60 second pitch

Attention spans get shorter every day, and the 60 second pitch works for businesses and people to quickly communicate who they are and what they do. Having an effective 60 second pitch (or “one minute commercial”) sets the stage for the conversation that follows. So – how do you craft a killer pitch? Easy – follow this formula and watch the magic!

Name + Service/product + customer story + what you want = Killer 60 second pitch!

Here are some examples:

“Hi, I’m Peter from Art of Exchange. We teach improv acting skills to help people communicate effectively. Improv plays to your strengths – so its not trying to mold you into someone else. We worked with the sales team at The Big Company last month, and their team is already increasing sales. We’re looking for companies or individuals who want to have fun and improve their own communication skills.”

“Hi, I’m Cyndy from Our Local Art Studio. We promote local artists and sell their work to local companies. Did you know that companies who display art in their lobbies have better employee morale? We just finished an installation at The Big Company last month, and their receptionist said everyone’s mood is better!”

-Published October 4th, 2011

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