Are you a geek?

i am a total geekEven in my soft drink days, there was a certain edge of “geekiness” to me, and some fascination with technology. I probably got this from my dad. He was, no surprise, an engineer.¬† Back in my soft drink days, I learned a computer language¬† to do regression analysis charts on things like displays and market share. It printed out on a dot matrix printer.¬† State of the art.

Later on, I leveraged technology as a competitive advantage. Even with a legal disclaimer as the landing page (I kid you not) we managed to sell a roof within 24 hours of launching a new Web site in 1997!

Today, I am all over social media, online video and slide shows, and effective Web presence for my clients.

So, when I found this test to see if I really am a geek, I couldn’t resist! My score: Total Geek. Not bad. Enough to get this official badge.

What kind of geek are you?

-Published August 11th, 2009

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